The White House is preparing for the possible impeachment of Biden, according to the media

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White House prepares for possible impeachment of Biden, – media

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The White House has formed a team of two dozen lawyers, legislative aides and communications staff to respond to a possible Republican investigation into the impeachment of Joe Biden.

This is reported by NBC News, citing a White House aide and informed sources.< /p>

The effort has been building for months in the White House counsel's office as part of a response to the Republican-led investigation. Aides and an ally of Biden say they are preparing to vigorously oppose the impeachment inquiry and portray it as an unsubstantiated partisan rigging that demonstrates the GOP's commitment to “chaos.”

"Comparing this to past impeachments – it's not apples to apples or even apples to oranges; it's apples with elephants. Never in modern history has an impeachment been based on a lack of evidence", – a White House aide said.

House Republicans said they would focus their investigation on the alleged criminal activities of Biden's son Harter as part of his foreign business dealings.

They also delved into yet-to-be-proven claims about the current US president's involvement in bribery, corruption and his abuse of power to enrich his son while serving as vice president.

At the same time, some representatives of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives admitted that they had no evidence of wrongdoing by the US leader.

Nevertheless, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy insisted that there is a "culture of corruption that takes place in to the entire Biden family.

A person familiar with the White House campaign said the ongoing Republican impeachment inquiry is "not an evidence-based effort; it's an election-focused effort.

If Republicans wrap up their impeachment inquiry in the coming weeks or months, the White House plans to try to convince the public of the "detachment from life" Republican politicians, as evidenced by their expectation of impeachment, which could lead to a government shutdown.

Earlier BAGNET reported that Joe Biden's son Hunter could face criminal charges.< /p>

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