The West is afraid of the collapse of Russia, – opinion

The West is afraid of the collapse of Russia, – opinion

– nuclear blackmail and the collapse of Russia

“I think the main problem is that the West really does not know what will happen if Russia collapses instantly. I think this is the main fear that is in the minds of our Western partners today, and also many in the West are afraid of Putin's nuclear blackmail”, – & nbsp; said former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko.

In his opinion, the Western world prefers to work softer.

“Gradually, teaching Putin that today we will bite off this, tomorrow – this, and the next day we'll move on. So that psychologically, this was not a stressful situation that could cause an inadequate reaction. More and more people watching Putin's behavior are coming to the conclusion that there are problems in his mental health, and this can be very dangerous. I think that there is a tactic of gradually accustoming the patient to certain rules, to which he gradually gets used and this does not cause him too harsh a reaction,” summed up the ex-minister.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich