The well-known author of both sexes suffered from an “incurable disease” and got cancer after 5 years of seeking medical treatment! Father distressed and shouted that she shed tears in seconds | Entertainment | CTWANT

September 23, 2021 by archyde

Well-known gender writer Weiwei confirmed on the 23rd that her husband “daddy” has had problems with his body since the end of 2015, and was diagnosed with fibromuscular pain. Although this is an incurable disease, she still accompanies the other half to seek medical advice. Zhong accidentally discovered that her husband was suffering from thyroid cancer. Over the past five years, she discovered that what she thought would be the biggest problem after marriage. Now she is facing the birth, old age, sickness and death of the other half. “Marriage itself is a difficult science, and I am still in it. Learn”.

After Weiwei’s husband was diagnosed with fibromuscular pain, he was found to have thyroid cancer. (Photo/Retrieved from Weiwei Weiisly Facebook)

According to Weiwei, my dad is not a personality that can be heard. I still remember that in 2017, my husband had a cold but insisted on going north to socialize. After returning home, he didn’t feel well and didn’t see the doctor until she found that the other party was sleeping. So he was taken to the emergency room urgently, and it was determined that it was meningitis, and the virus had invaded. “When I was in the ward, my dad had no clear consciousness.”

The well-known author of both sexes suffered from an “incurable disease” and got cancer after 5 years of seeking medical treatment! Father distressed and shouted that she shed tears in seconds | Entertainment | CTWANT

Weiwei believes that marriage is a difficult learning. (Photo/Retrieved from Weiwei Weiisly Facebook)

In addition, my dad has fibromuscular pain. It looks normal from the outside, but in fact, my dad feels pain all the time. “When it hurts, he can only take painkillers. There is no way to treat it.” This kind of illness is painful. When she gets up, her temper will be so bad that others can’t understand, but she must endure all the emotions of her dad, and occasionally try to understand her husband’s emotions by going out alone to relax.

The well-known author of both sexes suffered from an “incurable disease” and got cancer after 5 years of seeking medical treatment! Father distressed and shouted that she shed tears in seconds | Entertainment | CTWANT

After Weiwei’s husband was diagnosed with fibromuscular pain, he was found to have thyroid cancer. (Photo/Retrieved from Weiwei Weiisly Facebook)

Fortunately, my dad’s condition has improved, but my dad still feels very sorry for her, “I feel that the daughter who married out has always been so hard (I didn’t tell my dad anything, but he just heard that my dad was hospitalized).” Until now, she would cry when she thought of this sentence, and after several similar experiences, her husband became more willing to listen to her suggestions.

Weiwei said frankly that marriage is a difficult subject, and she is still learning, “Although many times in the middle (almost being overwhelmed by illness), if you think more about the advantages of a dad, life will be a little bit better.” Although life is full of challenges , But she is very fortunate to have two lovely children, and occasionally seeing their smiles, she thinks that there is nothing to beat herself, and she wants to hold on with her dad.

The following is the full text of Weiwei Facebook:

[Marriage itself is a difficult learning]

Yesterday’s emotions were very complicated, and I have always been used to seeing things positively.

Originally, when the dad had the operation, the frozen section was benign, so he only cut half of it.

At that time, we were very happy and joked out of it! Unexpectedly, after two or three weeks

, A detailed inspection report found cancer cells, and it was judged to be a malignant tumor.

At the beginning, we were also optimistic and wanted to say that it was better to find out early

It’s only stage I of thyroid cancer, until my dad came back and told me that when he was in the hospital,

The cancer manager also asked him how he was feeling? Say something to comfort him.

Then I mentioned that I had listened to some health education and applied for major injuries.

Only then did I realize that it seemed to be quite serious.

When we got married, I thought that the biggest problem was the running-in and getting along with each other.

I have never considered the issue of birth, old age, sickness and death.

There have been problems since the end of 2015, initially for fibromuscular pain

I accompany him to see the doctor everywhere, because this disease is incurable and looks

It seems normal, but it hurts all the time. When it hurts, it can only

There is no cure for painkillers.That period

I check the information online for an hour or two every day, hoping to find it

There is a glimmer of hope that his pain can be improved.

This kind of illness has a bad temper, and others can’t understand it because he looks

It’s normal, I have to endure all his emotions while staying next to me.

No matter how positive people are, they will be affected. Sometimes when I have emotions

I will walk alone, leave for a long time, trying to understand the emotions of my dad.

In addition, I must remind him to pay attention to his health. During that time, he has been

Because of smoking, I often coughed for a long time in the morning.

His personality is not that he can listen to it, after all, from the time to

I mentioned the need to quit smoking when giving birth to a child, but he always promised but never did it.

Until 2017, when he caught a cold and had to go to Taipei to socialize, I advised him not to go.

He said that taking a cold medicine would be fine.I felt like this flashed in my mind at that time

There will be problems, and I keep telling him that he should not drink alcohol when taking cold medicine.

Then take cold medicine with water.

Sure enough, he may feel a little uncomfortable after going to Taipei but he doesn’t see a doctor.

I confessed to Wan that he ignored me when he saw the doctor, until the end he couldn’t

After walking, he still didn’t see a doctor. On the same day, I attended a friend’s wedding banquet immediately

When I rushed home and found him sleeping at home, I felt something was wrong and forced him to go to the emergency room.

, When the doctor diagnosed, he could no longer walk in a straight line, and he could not see clearly with his hands

The doctor’s fingers were checked back and forth.Such a serious emergency is only arranged

I was lying on the bed, and I asked the doctor about the situation.

I said what test should I do? The doctor said to take spinal fluid, and then waited all the time.

Later, I couldn’t bear to run and keep asking, the nurse said

Can only be taken in hospital, I asked if there is no ward? The nurse said yes,

I said that we will arrange the ward immediately. We are willing to live in the ward and arrange the inspection immediately.

Later confirmed meningitis, virus invasion

When I was in the ward, my dad had no clear consciousness. He was even talking nonsense (auditory hallucinations), and then kept talking about seeing a train passing by (illusion), and then because of discomfort and gastroesophageal reflux at that time, he was full of No food for more than five days, no matter what you buy.

The doctor insists that meningitis needs to be treated with natural treatment, and the patient’s own resistance is to fight it.

I watched my dad didn’t eat until the fifth day until the bile came out.

I told the doctor that he has no resistance at all without food

You must help him get an injection or do something to let his body have a way to fight it!

The doctor couldn’t help but I kept emphasizing and begging, but finally changed to another way

, My mother also called me back then and told me to try and eat porridge,

The first food my dad ate on the sixth day was the porridge I cooked, which gradually improved.

My dad saw me at that time and said that he felt very sorry for me and felt that my daughter was married.

It’s been so hard (I didn’t say anything to my dad, but he just heard

Dad was hospitalized and told me like this)

Until now, I would cry when I thought of this sentence.

When my dad was sober, he said he wanted to quit smoking, and he didn’t want to lie down in the hospital bed again.

(Unable to walk, unable to urinate normally and go to the toilet)

At that time, I was like a caregiver, pushing him out in a wheelchair

Help him wipe the bath and change the urinal, for him who has a strong self-esteem

It should also be a big torture.

Quitting smoking is also good

Two sons used to catch a cold and turn into pneumonia

Every time I went to see the doctor, the doctor said to be careful of my son’s asthma.I was

I told my dad to quit smoking because even if he does not smoke in front of the child, but smokes on the balcony and toilet, the child will still be affected.

Every time you catch a cold, you will have a heavy breathing, and then you have to go to the emergency department.

Because of the breathing

It’s really scary. After Dad quit smoking,

Neither child has a cold as severe as before!

There is no heavy breathing.

After several such experiences, my dad would occasionally follow my advice

(Is it occasionally not every time)

I actually cried while typing the post because of the real hardship

Only oneself understands.

Once I called the nurse in the hospital and asked if there was any family member of the patient.

Organization or association?

Because only the family members who accompany the patient can know the mood of the family members?

I almost couldn’t make it at that time

The shadow of fibromuscular pain. So I only wrote articles a few years ago,

Want to tell everyone

You are not alone, I have experienced this long process.

Marriage itself is a difficult subject, and I am still learning in it

Although many times in the middle (almost being beaten by illness), think more about the advantages of daddy

Life will be better than XDD

Fortunately, I have two cute and optimistic children

Once I look at their smiles, I will come alive and tell myself that there is nothing wrong

Can knock me down.

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