The WBO will pay posthumous tribute to Pina Acevedo with a billboard this Tuesday

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  • The WBO will pay posthumous tribute to Pina Acevedo with a billboard this Tuesday

    Francisco (Paco) Valcá rcel, president of the OMB, offers details about the big billboard to be held this Tuesday to honor the memory of the former president of that organization, the Dominican Ramón Pina Acevedo.

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) will celebrate this event. A large billboard will be held this Tuesday to pay posthumous tribute to the Dominican Ramón Pina Acevedo, distinguished second historical president of that organization.

The evening, which will tell After ten bouts, the match will take place. It will start at 2:00 in the afternoon, after a mass in remembrance of the late Pina Acevedo in the remodeled gymnasium founded by the latter. in 1972 in the Ensanche Ozama, according to what was reported by the Puerto Rican Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, president of the OMB, during a press conference.

Valcárcel revealed his So the celebration of the billboard to honor the great work that the Dominican boxing built in the Dominican Republic. With their contributions, Pina Acevedo, a sport dedicated to her. almost all his life, & # 39; & # 39; be & aacute; “This is possible thanks to the unconditional support that we at the OMB have received from the mayor of Santo Domingo Este, Manuel Jiménez, together with the Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec), headed by Minister Francisco Camacho.”

< p>He considered that no occasion is more propitious to pay tribute to a great national and international boxer such as Pina Acevedo,  "Since this day, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, our great friend and companion would be 100 years old".

He explained In the evening, brilliant young boxers from Santiago, Espaillat, La Vega, La Romana, as well as the rest of the world, will compete. As of the capital, which will be there. represented by fighters from the clubs Los Cachorros, Ramón Cuello, Fausto (Ceja) Rodríguez and the host boxing school Ramón Pina Acevedo. that the boxers who are winners will receive cash prizes, as well as the prize money. such as medals and other incentives.

During the announcement of the activity, Valcárcel was accompanied, in addition to Mayor Manuel Jiménez, by prominent OMB member figures, who were with Pina Acevedo for more than 35 years. So what remained? as part of the committee executive of that body, both in the Dominican Republic and outside the country.

Among those present were the businessman, promoter and promoter of boxing, Georgie Herrera, as well as the boxing executive. like Francisco Benzán, who spoke about on behalf of the family and collaborators of Pina Acevedo; Horacio (Bakemón) Rodríguez and Rafael Isenia.

Also present were Roberto Nery, Sports Director of the Santo Domingo Este City Council; so such as Ramón Valdez, national boxing commissioner, representing the Ministry of Sports; the ex-professional boxer, Antonio Cruz, in charge of logistics at the Pina Acevedo gym; Alcibíades González, director of the Soto González Clinic and Adolfo (Fito) Flores, who serves as OMB treasurer.

Mayor Jiménez reiterates endorsement

During the meeting with the press, the mayor of Santo Domingo Este, Manuel Jiménez, reiterated his support. that the management of him will be & aacute; always open to contributing to all initiatives that have to do with promoting sports, art and culture in the municipality that it administers and in the entire Dominican Republic.

"Since the beginning of our management, We have affirmed that Santo Domingo Este is and will continue to be the being an eminently sports municipality " Mayor Jiménez.

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