The Walking Dead World Beyond: what are the differences between the original series and the spin-off? (ITW)

The Walking Dead World Beyond: what are the differences between the original series and the spin-off? (ITW)

The Walking Dead World Beyond: what are the differences between the original series and the spin-off? (ITW)

The Walking Dead World Beyond: Nico Tortorella and Annet Mahendru in interview The The Walking Dead universe is growing. After the first spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, AMC is launching in the United States this Sunday, October 4, the second spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, episode 1 of which is already available on Amazon Prime Video. A series centered on a group of teenagers who are going to confront zombies. So what are the differences between the original series and the spinoff series? Check out the response from Nico Tortorella and Annet Mahendru who play Felix and Huck in the show.

Who are your characters at the start of the series?

Nico Tortorella : Felix is a very loyal 30-something, very committed to the rules who lives in the community. He's part of security but he also does a lot of other things: he teaches, he studies prowlers, he puts people in jail! He has a lot of roles. As season 1 progresses, we will see it evolve. I think that's the case for all the characters on the show. We explore the question: ” What does it mean to live in this community and to feel safe and then to be outside and find out who we really are?

Annet Mahendru : Huck arrived in this haven of peace, she works hard to be part of a better world, to help build this civilization. She is very grateful to have been collected in this city where she had this opportunity. She was alone and now she is with people who care about their youth, want to educate them. She wants to protect it all. She is very trained, previously she was in the army. She really survived complicated things and now she has found hope. She wants these kids to see the bright side and to experience what the world really is, understand what's going on and not just stay safe.

Playing in the series, a “dream come true”

How did you build your character?

Annet Mahendru : We trained a lot physically, we worked together, learned to use the new weapons that were created for the series. As you go along, your body gets used to it. It was cool to physically put yourself in the character's shoes, you don't really think about it in those moments. The creative process is different. For me, it was very powerful to live that because I moved like her.

Nico Tortorella : What's great about TV is that the writers and the actors have a real relationship from the start, not everything is written. We have awesome screenwriters who created these characters and then we come in and help bring it to life. The writers can then write for the actor, it's a real symbiosis. It doesn't necessarily happen on a film because everything is already written in advance. That's why I love working on TV, we're really part of the process.

How did you feel when you were chosen to star on the show?

Nico Tortorella : I was so happy! I wanted to be a part of this universe for so long, it was my dream to play a superhero and I consider Felix to be one. We may not have superpowers, but at the same time, I think that is the case with all human beings. It was a dream come true. I knew how huge this universe and the original series was, there are a lot of fans, it's an action series, it was really a dream.

Annet Mahendru : Same for me. I had told my team that I wanted to play a slightly masculine character. Huck is truly a tomboy. It's a role I've never had, nobody thought I could play that kind of character. It was a real transformation. I knew this universe and any artist would dream of being part of this world. It's a real family, the actors of the other two series, I didn't think that could exist. In this business, we are often alone but this is a real family. It was completely crazy.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond takes a step back

What are the biggest differences between The Walking Dead: World Beyond and other series in the universe?

Annet Mahendru : The series begins nine years after the apocalypse so they've been going through this for a while, they've had time to digest all of that, in any case our two characters. The teenagers have never gone out, they only have memories of that day and the loss of their parents. They have surely blocked a bit from all that so, when they find themselves outside, we will see what effects it will have on them, to see how the world is.

Nico Tortorella : I find the first two series to be more focused on small communities, groups of people that are spread out across the United States as The Walking Dead: World Beyond takes a step back and shows what's going on. We are following a younger generation but what is important is all that is going on around that maybe will tie it all together.

How do the zombies of The Walking Dead: World Beyond stand out?

Nico Tortorella : In the first seasons of The Walking Dead , zombies were running! Fortunately, in our series 10 years have passed so it has broken down compared to the start of the original series. They go slower!

Annet Mahendru : It's amazing the details on the zombies in our series. You will really see them very closely! It happens to us to cross them in full lunch break and the actors wear their costumes, it is unreal. It's phenomenal to see what they've created.

Interview by Aubéry Mallet during a round table with international media.

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