The Walking Dead: this star of the series is very frustrated with the last season, here's why

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Earlier in the year, we revealed to you; that a cult actor from the series The Walking Dead was going to land in the next season of one of the flagship series of Amazon Prime Video, to know The Boys. And while the famous AMC series is getting ready to Concluding its eleventh and final season, another star of the series recently shared the reasons for his frustration regarding the end of this long adventure.

The Walking Dead: This series star is very frustrated with the latest episode. re season, here's why


A not really satisfying conclusion?

After ;s nearly 12 years of broadcast, fans will finally be able to witness the end of The Walking Dead series. Having debuted in 2010, this horror series comes to the end of its eleventh and final season, thus bringing a conclusion to; a work that has now become a classic horror series. Indeed, the series, based on the comics of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard transports us to a ravaged world. by an apocalypse, and this after a virus has transformed a large part of humanity into zombies.

Last month, the last part of the final season of The Walking Dead began, and it should be concluded by the end of November. And if this end can lead some fans of the AMC series to feel a form of frustration, it is the same for some actors, and this is particularly the case with Khary Payton, known for his rô ;island of Ezekiel in the series. Indeed, during an interview with Insider,the American actor confessed that he wasn't necessarily happy with the way the season was ending. He then declared:

No, I am not satisfied at all. I would have liked… There are so many places and situations that I would have liked. explore. But that was not possible and that's one of the things that happens when you have a series that has so many active and interesting characters. 48 minutes or 50 minutes per episode just isn't enough.

The Walking Dead: This series star is very frustrated with the last season, here's why

Because while it's true that over more than a decade, the series has seen many heartbreaking disappearances (we think of you Glenn), the fact is that many new characters have been dropped. introduced over the seasons, like the one embodied in by Payton for example. Indeed, the character of Ezekiel Sutton has been; introduced in season 7 of The Walking Dead, and will then be presented; as King Ezekiel, leader of a community; known as the Kingdom.

The character will notably succeed in; to impress the fans thanks to; Shiva, the tiger he had as a pet, a remnant of his former life as a zookeeper. Thereafter, Ezekiel will become one of the main actors of the series, in particular by joining forces with the protagonists to fight against the tyranny of Negan and the Saviors, but also thanks to his love affair with Carol, played by Melissa McBride. And according to Payton, it is precisely the many characters from The Walking Dead that are the strength of the AMC series, but who are also at stake. the origin of this frustration.

The Walking Dead: this star of the series is very frustrated with the last season, here's why

These characters are beautifully constructed and the strength of the series lies precisely in these nuanced, complex characters. But there are so many that we can't fit them all… I'm really sorry; to say goodbye to Ezekiel and I cross my fingers… Maybe a day later we can tell the story of how Ezekiel became king or something like that. […] I cross my fingers because I would really like to play; new Ezekiel one day.

So it would seem that the actor is more than inclined to; take over the mantle of the sovereign of the Kingdom after the end of The Walking Dead and this, through a spin-off which would return to the origins of the character.An idea that Doesn't seem so crazy, especially considering the upcoming The Walking Deadprojects that are planned, including Dead City, a new series centered on Negan and Maggie.

The Walking Dead: This Series Star Is Very Frustrated With The Last Season, Here's Why

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