The Walking Dead season 10: does Negan really deserve to be “nice”?

The Walking Dead season 10: does Negan really deserve to be “nice”?

The Walking Dead season 10 starts again soon but will Negan be really nice there?

While waiting for the broadcast of episode 16 of season 10 of The Walking Dead on October 5 on OCS , you can vote for the series every day right here to make it win the 2020 Series World Cup on melty ! And we also take advantage of the hiatus until the return of Daryl and the others to wonder about a character in particular: Negan. Performed brilliantly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan has been on the road to redemption for a while but it seems legitimate, knowing his past, to wonder if he really deserves his redemption and to be integrated into Alexandria’s group.

Negan and Lydia
Negan and Lydia – Credit (s): amc
Maggie returns in episode 16 of season 10 of The Walking Dead and she could remind the group of the traumas that Negan suffered when he arrived. The former leader of the Saviors didn’t just kill 2 people, he mostly forced the whole group to kneel down to better torture them and impose his power. Negan took pleasure in killing Glenn with a bat , and even before that, he knowingly terrorized his nemesis Rick by blocking him from all sides and setting him a terrible trap. Can we therefore really consider that Negan has lost his psychopathic inclinations?

Negan’s beginnings

Even though he put himself in danger several times to rescue Judith and Lydia, Negan has a heavier past than most of The Walking Dead characters . Yes, because even if Rick also killed his share of survivors, we have never seen him take pleasure in doing so and knowingly torture people just for the sake of it . Negan’s journey is therefore undoubtedly even longer than we imagine, and it is clear that some characters will surely never forget everything he has put them through. It remains to be seen whether this will prevent him from integrating into the community of Alexandria or whether he will end up being accepted anyway.

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