The Walking Dead season 10: Angela Kang denies a rumor about the identity of the man in the mask

The showrunneuse brushed aside this rumor about season 10 of The Walking Dead.

But who can hide behind this iron mask? This is the question that all fans of The Walking Dead ask themselves since the broadcast of the “false” season finale of season 10 . And for good reason, when Maggie made her big comeback in the series, the latter was accompanied by a mysterious protagonist armed with two strange blades and hiding his face. Acting as a bodyguard, the latter arrived just in time to save Father Gabriel’s life. An unexpected rescue which did not fail to titillate the curiosity of aficionados of the show. And for good reason, the latter are convinced since the release of the teaser last April that it is Mercer, the chief officer of the Commonwealth Armed Forces.

A rumor so persistent that showrunneuse Angela Kang was forced to officially deny it. Indeed, interviewed by the site Insider , the latter said bluntly: “It is not Mercer”, while suggesting that his true identity will soon be revealed in future episodes. “I’m saying we’ll learn more about this character and what he is and what Maggie’s been through more recently, ” she said. Before continuing: “This is going to be a big part of the story in the next six episodes, but also in Season 11 as a whole . ” Patience is therefore essential! While waiting to learn more,discover the fascinating new characters who will land in the sequel to The Walking Dead season 10 .

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