The Walking Dead season 10: a useless and disappointing last episode

The Walking Dead season 10: a useless and disappointing last episode

The Walking Dead season 10: a useless and disappointing last episode

The Walking Dead season 10: a useless and disappointing last episode You have not yet watched the final episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead? You are not missing much. Like what they were able to offer us during the rest of the season, the writers took no risks and imagined the most classic and frustrating conclusion possible. Warning for spoilers.

No more risk taking

Fortunately, season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the last because this season 10 finale once again reminded us that the creators have nothing more to tell. Where we could tremble for our favorite characters at the slightest sequence a few years ago, we have not once vibrated with them here. The writers seem to be so afraid of losing more viewers along the way that they can no longer take the slightest risk. In fact, we knew in advance how everything was going to end and we got really bored. So of course, we had the right to some effective scenes, some nice gory moments, but it was clearly not enough to keep our excitement.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, no important heroes have died (we must believe that the zombies are less formidable than before) and the creators have botched the plot of the Whisperers with a heavy, cliché and zero ending offered to Beta. We suspected that this finale wouldn't save the rest of the Whisperers storyline, but this conclusion still brought a sense of immense frustration with an “all for that” side. Because no, zombies that get excited and blood that spurts, it is not enough to excite us. And it is not the collaboration out of nowhere between Daryl and Negan that will make us think otherwise.

A simple teasing

Another great disappointment of this final, even if there too we suspected it a little: the return of Maggie did not bring anything interesting. Teased for months based on interviews and trailers, this comeback has simply served to say: come back next year to have your questions answered. So obviously, Maggie was not for nothing (her presence with Gabriel was notably useful to her in order to grow in her new role), but apart from making us feel that her return was more thought of as a marketing coup than for a scriptwriting interest, everything was missed. Season 11 will have time to catch up with all that, but by dint of projecting into the future rather than the present, The Walking Dead tires us out. We don't watch a series for its twists, but for the content before these twists. Otherwise, it is impossible for us to vibrate.

Bis repetita

Speaking of weariness, the end of the episode is the best example of the writers' lack of inspiration / originality. Rather than thinking about making the characters evolve, taking a little more interest in this universe and this world, the writers try to promise us one thing: nothing will ever really change, the recipe will remain the same. Thus, after having put away the plot of the Whisperers, it is now Stephanie's group that could play spoilers. A situation seen and reviewed whose purpose we already know: it will be a disappointment.

To summarize: this final episode of season 10 has been like the series for a few years: it does not dare, does in the classic and the cliché and is running out of inspiration. And it is not his few moments of dazzling that will save the rest. Can't wait for the end, the real one.

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