The WADA would close the fence for the substance that the UCI found in the blood of the Boyacá cyclist.

The WADA would close the fence for the substance that the UCI found in the blood of the Boyacá cyclist.

Nairo Quintana, after his disqualification from the Tour de France 2022 for allegedly ingesting tramadol in competition, is preparing to debut in the Cycling World Championships, which are taking place in Australia.

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While making his debut in the competition, the cyclist from Boyacá waits expectantly for the response of the Arbitration Court of Sport to the resource he filed as an appeal by the sanction of the International Cycling Union(UCI), the one that marginalized him from the French race.

As this newspaper has been able to confirm, the basis of his appeal has two parts. The first would allude to the alleged violation of due process that occurred in his case. The second would have to do with a series of diagnostic tests in which it would be sought to verify that the cyclist did not consume tramadol.

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Pending the decision of the high court, Quintana's case is once again on the international scene.

And all because his experience would have motivated a radical decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), according to the British newspaper 'The Telegraph'.< br>
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The fence is closed by Nairo Quintana

The WADA would close the fence for the substance that the UCI found in the blood of the boyacense cyclist.

“The sports section of The Telegraph may reveal that Tramadol is close to being included as a substance on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of prohibited substances, according to a recommendation from the organization's executive committee that would be given at a meeting this Friday,” reports the British newspaper in a note signed by Ben Rumsby, the outlet's director of sports research.

According to the article, the measure would take place after the former English soccer player Chris Kirkland confessed that he was close to taking his own life after his addiction to that substance and the case of Nairo Quintana, who was identified with the substance in his blood, during tests carried out in competition by the UCI.

Now, if the inclusion of tramadol on the WADA list is confirmed, its use would not be permitted as a drug out of competition .

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According to the media, the World Anti-Doping Agency would have denied including tramadol in the list of substances for next year. However, the organization recalled that the substance is part of the substances that it permanently monitors.

“The monitoring program includes substances that are not on the prohibited list, but that the organization wishes to monitor to detect its improper use in sport“, WADA would have said, according to 'The Telegraph'.

So far, the Agency has not issued any statement in this regard. The truth is that they are over meetings to review the banned substances on your list for the coming year.

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To be banned by the AMA, a substance must meet at least two of these three criteria: improve sports performance, be harmful to health and go against the spirit of sport.

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