The Vinczes are heading to live Let's Dance: Where will they put the adopted baby?

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The Vince's Head to Live Let's Dance: Where Will They Put Their Adopted Baby?

A few months ago, presenter Adela Vinczeová (42) and her husband Viktor (32) became adoptive parents. Because of the baby, they had to change their work schedules, but they couldn't back down from one decent and big deal. Both of them are soon expecting live broadcasts of the Let's Dance show. What will they do with their baby?

With the adopted baby, the Vinczes try to spend all their free time. They brought the longed-for baby home before Christmas, and as the presenter admitted, it was a surreal and unexpected baby. It is not easy to combine caring for a child and a busy profession.

Moreover, when both are expected to perform in the upcoming dance competition Let's Dance. While Viktor will host the show, Adela will take on the role of a judge. “Our participation in Let's Dance was agreed long before the child came to our family. Adelce accommodates Markíz as part of participating in the general meeting so that she can be at home as long as possible on Sunday, which I cannot do as a moderator. The baby will then go to sleep before the start of the live broadcast, and our neighbors – Adelča's parents – will then watch it,” Vincze explained to

In addition, they consulted with psychologists and social workers about the whole situation. “The child is only with us all the time, so three hours a week with grandma and grandpa is definitely something everyone involved can handle. We're going to work, not play slots,” the host joked. The dance competition should appear on the screens already in the spring.

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