The video of an assault gone wrong in Guatemala: a thief wanted to rob a young man on the street and he was severely beaten

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The criminal was surprised with several punches that did not give him time to escape with his accomplice

Thief beaten in Guatemala

A security camera in Guatemala City captured the shocking moment in which a The young man managed to avoid an assault by two thieves aboard a motorcycle by defending himself with fist blows against one of them until he was reduced and causing his accomplice to escape.

The incident occurred in zone 15 of the Guatemalan capital, near the Universidad del Valle, when two students were walking alone on a street with little traffic until two men on a motorcycle stopped them to stop them. steal their phones and other belongings. But the robbers did not imagine that one of their victims would resist the robbery.

One of the criminals got off the motorcycle and approached the couple to rob them but, in a second that he was distracted, he found himself thrown to the ground with a furious blow from the young pedestrian.

The images of the confrontation, which went viral on social media, show how the boy severely beat the unarmed robber, who tried to escape from the place but failed. The young man even wanted to detain the man who was driving the motorcycle but he, seeing the unexpected turn of the situation, managed to flee the scene, abandoning his henchman.

The video of an assault gone wrong in Guatemala: a thief wanted to rob a young man in He left the street and received a severe beating

This is how the assailant was beaten

The filming also reveals that another citizen who was passing by quickly approached to help the young man stop the thief and keep it reduced to the ground until the Police arrived.

A couple of photographs that were released on social networks show the offender with the face bloodied and injured from the blows he received.

Local press reports indicate that a relative of the assault victim made the complaint public but warn that it is still unknown what happened to the thieves.

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