The victim of Harold LeBel wants to come out of the shadows when a documentary is broadcast

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Harold LeBel’s victim wants to come out of the shadows when documentary airs

Jacques Boissinot The Canadian Press Harold LeBel was found guilty of sexual assault in November 2022 , then sentenced to eight months in prison. He obtained, Tuesday, a permission of exit preparatory to the parole.

Victim of former Parti Québécois MP Harold LeBel asked Judge Serge Francoeur to lift the publication ban protecting his identity on Tuesday, April 18, when a documentary about the legal proceedings in the case is scheduled to air .

Judge Francoeur indicated Thursday morning that he was taking the victim's request under advisement and that his decision “should not be delayed”.

The victim of Harold LeBel wants to reveal his identity so he can “discuss publicly and openly” his experience in the justice system by participating in a documentary.

“I want to turn these events into something positive” and “to be able to contribute to society”, so “I agreed to participate in a documentary where I testify with my face exposed and it is within this framework- where I want to have the publication ban lifted on my identity,” the victim told the judge on Thursday morning.

“What makes it so that it cannot be made today or in the next few days, this order? asked the defense attorney.

The complainant responded that her purpose in participating in a documentary “is to raise awareness of the justice system” in addition to “doing useful work”, so “it makes perfect sense that the ordinance should be coordinated” with the airing of the documentary.

“That's why I'm lifting the ordinance, so this project can see the light of day” , clarified the woman.

Harold LeBel will be released on condition

Harold LeBel was convicted of sexual assault in November 2022, then sentenced to eight months in prison. On Tuesday, he obtained a preparatory release permit for parole.

This was set for April 16. LeBel will stay until then in a halfway house, where he has agreed to undergo therapy on sexual issues and emotional dependence.

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Former MP Harold LeBel can be released from prison, on a quarter of his sentence

The 60-year-old former PQ MP admitted to parole board members the assault he committed, saying he was “shattered” by the victim's testimony at trial.

“You admit all the acts of which you are accused. You are well aware of the impact of your actions on the victim and on your loved ones,” the commissioners wrote in their decision.

During his trial, LeBel had claimed to have exchanged only a consensual kiss with complainant before going to bed next to her and falling asleep immediately.

The complainant had testified to the effect that the kiss in question was not consensual and that Harold LeBel then tried to unfasten her bra while she went to the bathroom.

She then said that she went to bed and that the accused lay down by her side and had engaged in fondling for several hours while she was petrified with fear.