The venues for the event that will have three organizing countries are already known. 

The 2026 World Cup, which FIFA will host the United States, Canada and Mexico in a joint venue, will be the first to It is played with 48 teams, which implies modifications in the quotas for each Confederation.

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According to what was reported since 2017, Europe would have 16 places, Africa with nine, Asia with eight, Conmebol and Concacaf with six each and Oceania, finally, would have a direct place .

There would be two boxes left, which will be played in a playoff tournament, with the participation of a team from each confederation, not counting Uefa, plus a selection from Concacaf, the confederation that will host that World Cup .

The format of that repechage would put the top two placed in the Fifa standings directly into a semi-final. The other four would meet in two keys. The winners will face the two seeds and the winners of that semifinal will go to the World Cup.

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In this way, South America would have the possibility of taking seven of its ten affiliated teams to that World Cup, if the seventh in the table wins that playoff. The hard part will be staying out.



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