In the USSR, engineers designed two unique amphibious vehicles for the needs of the army. However, the mass production of vehicles never began.

The USSR abandoned the production of unique amphibious vehicles for the needs of the army

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In the late 60s of the last century, Soviet engineers designed the ZAZ-967, which later became the LuAZ-969M, since it began to be manufactured at another factory. This car was designed to search for wounded soldiers on the battlefield. The vehicle could float, and in the water it accelerated up to 3 km/h. The main drawback of the model was a small 1.2-liter 30-horsepower engine, which was not enough. The car was produced in the amount of 20 thousand units, but they all gathered dust in warehouses.

VAZ-2122 “River” was developed in Togliatti. Then the USSR Ministry of Defense wanted to equip the army with a small but functional car for the new concept of the country's armed forces, where the importance of the company commander increased significantly. The model has successfully passed state tests. True, the mass production of the vehicle was never launched. The problem is that it took a long time to develop. By the time the novelty was introduced into the army, she already experienced other needs.



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