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The USA, South Korea and Japan will hold joint exercises involving all types of troops

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

The United States, South Korea and Japan will conduct joint exercises involving all types of troops

The United States, South Korea and Japan at the end of June are planning to conduct the first large-scale trilateral military exercises with the involvement of units of the ground forces, the navy, the air force and cyber forces. 

This is reported by  Yonhap. 

It is about the exercise “Blade of Freedom” ; (Freedom Edge), which the parties agreed to hold earlier this month at the “Shangri-La Dialogue'' security forum. in Singapore. The name Freedom Edge is made up of two-sided exercises “Shield of Freedom”; (Freedom Shield) and "Sharp Blade" (Keen Edge), which the United States conducts separately with South Korea and Japan, respectively.

These three-way exercises will be held for the first time in several spaces: in the air, at sea, under water and in the cyber sphere, and their goal is to strengthen cooperation between the three countries in the field of security against the threats of the North  Korea.

Freedom Edge will take place amid ongoing provocations by Pyongyang and the expected visit of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to North Korea, which experts fear could further deepen military tensions cooperation between the dictatorial regimes ruling the two countries.

Currently, the militaries of Washington, Seoul and Tokyo are clarifying the details of the joint maneuvers, such as the order of working out the tasks and the involvement of personnel and military equipment before their implementation. In particular, the possibility of participation of the American nuclear aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” is being discussed. (USS Theodore Roosevelt).

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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