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The USA announced the start of production of supersonic airliners

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

The launch of production was announced in the USA supersonic airliners

Supersonic passenger airliners will be produced in the USA.

The company Boom Technology built in Greensboro (North Carolina) a plant that will manufacture the supersonic passenger plane Overture , informs UNIAN.

According to the plans, the plant will be able to produce 33 Overture aircraft per year. Note that Boom Technology's portfolio now exceeds 150 machines, including orders and pre-orders from such airlines as American Airlines, United Airlines and Japan Airlines.

Overture is a passenger plane that will be able to develop a speed of M=1, 7 and carry 80 passengers. Its flight range will be more than 7,000 km. The plane is proposed to be equipped with four engines located under the wings. 

It should be said that at the moment there is not only a serial version of the Overture, but even a full-fledged prototype of this airliner. For tests, Boom Technology uses a small XB-1 Baby Boom demonstrator aircraft, which made its first flight in March. 

It is also worth adding that history knows only two models of supersonic passenger aircraft that were in commercial service. operation This is the British-French Concorde and the Soviet Tu-144. We can say that both machines did not live up to expectations (to a greater extent this applies to the Soviet aircraft). 

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