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The US will upgrade Polish combat vehicles: they will receive an improved radar for surveillance of the border and the detection of artillery

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

The US will upgrade Polish combat vehicles: they will receive an improved radar for monitoring the border and detecting artillery

SRC, Inc., an American defense contractor, has announced a contract to equip an additional 15 Polish BWR-1D/S reconnaissance combat vehicles with advanced SR Hawk surveillance radars. The announcement follows a previous series of upgrades in 2021, when 25 BWR-1s were similarly equipped, underscoring the ongoing modernization efforts of the Polish military.


SR Hawk radar system recognized with its ability to detect and monitor personnel, land vehicles and naval vessels, making it exceptionally suitable for a variety of military applications, including border surveillance and artillery detection. Recent improvements emphasize the adaptability of the system and its effectiveness in improving the operational capabilities of the armed forces.

Kevin Hare, president and CEO of SRC, Inc., expressed pride in the company's contribution to the defense initiatives of Eastern European allies.

«As we continue to develop the capabilities of our military partners, SRC is proud to support our Eastern European allies' modernization efforts by integrating our SR Hawk technology, — said Volosya.

To date, SRC has delivered more than 500 SR Hawk units worldwide, improving situational awareness and operational effectiveness at various military installations. These installations include vehicles, turrets, and other expedition points. Continuous hardware and software updates from SRC ensure that the SR Hawk radar remains at the forefront of surveillance technology. The cooperation between the SRC and the Polish military highlights an important step in strengthening the defense capabilities of Eastern Europe, demonstrating a successful international partnership in the defense sector.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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