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The US will deploy F-35 stealth fighters to Japan for the first time

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

USA F-35 stealth fighter jets will be deployed to Japan for the first time

The US Department of Defense announced that it will redeploy 48 of the latest F-35A stealth fighter jets to Misawa Air Base in northeastern Japan's Aomori Prefecture for the first time.

This is reported by Kyodo.

The F-35As, known as fifth-generation fighters capable of avoiding radar detection, will replace the F-16s, which will be redeployed to the US Kaden Air Base in the southern prefecture of Japan. ;Okinawa to replace decommissioned fighters of the previous series of F-15s.

The Pentagon said that against the background of new security challenges created by China, North Korea and Russia, the modernization of US tactical aircraft will be carried out in close coordination with by the Japanese government over the next few years.

The US Ministry of Defense emphasized that this step is part of efforts to further strengthen the US-Japan alliance and strengthen stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

As reported by Ukrinform , The United States, South Korea and Japan condemn the deepening of military cooperation between North Korea and Russia, including the continued supply of weapons from North Korea to the Russian Federation to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Natasha Kumar

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