The US was scared by a spy balloon from China (video)

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US scared spy balloon from China (video)

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Over the US, the military spotted a likely spy balloon that was spotted over the Western states.

Defense officials said they believe the balloon belongs to China. It was last seen over Montana.

The military analyzed that the  spy object flyed over the Aleutian Islands of Alaska through Canada before appearing over the city of Billings in Montana, US officials said, BBC reports.

Canada also claimed to have spotted an unidentified balloon at high altitude, but was unable to identify the country of origin. Canada is working closely with the United States to track the spy balloon.

The Air Force has even prepared F-22  in case the White House orders to shoot down the object. But at the last moment, the military decided not to shoot down the balloon.

Flying over US nuclear facilities

Montana – it is a very sparsely populated state. But it is “home” for one of the three nuclear missile silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Therefore, the appearance of a spy balloon over a US nuclear facility was regarded as a potential threat. Probably the balloon flew over confidential places to gather information.

But the generals advised the White House not to use anti-aircraft defenses against the balloon because of the danger that falling debris could pose to people on the ground.

Officers refrained from providing information on the exact dimensions of the balloon, but called it “significant”.  The balloon was visible to pilots even from a very long distance. The American media compare the balloon to the size of three buses.

The balloon also did not pose a threat to civil aviation, since it was significantly higher than the height used by commercial airlines.< /p>

According to the US military, this is not the first time such balloons have appeared over the United States. But the latter is dangerous because it lasted the longest.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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