The US was given the right to have an abortion

The US was given the right to have an abortion

Abortion rights were discussed in the US

Rally against abortion


It was decided that it guaranteed the right to an abortion in the entire territory of the country, it was decided. Now the state will establish its own food rules. Missouri has already banned abortion.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the right to have an abortion on Friday, June 24, citing the historical decision in Roe v. Wade's case law of 1973, which guaranteed abortion rights in all states. Different states can independently regulate this sphere by supporting AFP.

Row v. Wade in 1973 argued that women claim the right to have an abortion on the basis of the constitutional right to a lack of private life over the body.

Decree, better for everything, enacted low new laws in approximately half of the 50 states of the United States, which would intervene or re-defend and criminalize abortion.

On the right, as if having seen the court, the law of the state of Mississippi, which separated the abortion by 15 days, but for an hour of hearing at the breast, the judges said that they could not be wrong.< /p>

For tribute to the Guttmager Institute, 13 states praised the so-called “trigger laws”, as if it was enough to defend abortions after the decision of the Supreme Court.

Ten other states may law, praised until 1973, so they can gain decency, or law, like bury abortions in six days – up to an hour, if a lot of women can only recognize that they stink.