The US warns of the possible use of cranes by China as “spy tools”

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US warns of possible use of cranes by China as

The United States authorities have warned of the possible use of large cranes by the Government from China They were used as “espionage tools” in ports across the country, some of which are used by the US Army itself.

Penta sources ;gono have indicated in statements to 'The Wall Street Journal' that the cranes have sophisticated sensors that can “record the origin and destination of merchandise containers as well as their transfer”.

In this sense, they have qualified that the cranes could be used as a “Trojan horse” by the company that manufactures them, the Chinese ZPMC. Thus, Beijing could be collecting information on these types of transactions, which include materials sent to US forces abroad.

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Bill Evanin, a former senior US Counterintelligence official, has pointed out that this could also facilitate remote access for those seeking to “cause cuts in the movement of goods and merchandise.” “This could become the new Huawei. It is the perfect combination between a legitimate business that can mask intelligence actions,” he asserted in relation to the case of the technological giant Logical.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States has described the statements as “paranoid” and has stressed that it is an “attempt to undermine economic and commercial cooperation with China”. “Playing the China card and talking about the Chinese threat is irresponsible and harmful. ;to the interests of the United States”, the diplomatic legation indicated in a statement.

During the last few years, the US authorities have warned of the existence of products made in chinathat could facilitate surveillance or espionage and cause problems. The Asian giant produces practically all of the world's shipping freight containers and controls the data service.

A few weeks ago, the two countries clashed He was in diplomatic discussions after the detection and downing of several spy balloons of Chinese origin in American skies. In early February, the Pentagon detected an attack. a Chinese spy balloon that had been flying over the airspace of the United States for days. Military commanders detected the device over Montana, a state that is home to several  nuclear missile silos,  and tensions between Washington and Beijing have escalated. shot. that they were civilian artifacts.