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The US is thinking about the creation of the “Dead Hand” system

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

The USA is thinking about creating a system

Discussions are underway in the US on the need to create a Dead Hand system that could automatically deliver a nuclear strike in response to an attack by the Russian Federation or China.


“Dead hand” – it is a complex capable of automatically launching a nuclear strike even if all the people making the decisions are dead or incapacitated.

Why the US needs a “Dead Hand”

The threat from Russia and China: Russia and China are modernizing their nuclear arsenals, and the US may be lagging behind in the race.

Limited time to make a decision: In the event of a nuclear attack, the US president will have only 10 minutes to act in the situation and give the order.

Unreliability: the current US nuclear arsenal control complex (AN/USQ-225) may be vulnerable.

How the “Dead Hand” in the US

  1. Artificial intelligence: the system can use AI algorithms to calculate all possible scenarios of a nuclear strike.
  2. Acceleration of decision-making: the system can help the US president “give the go-ahead” more quickly. on the task of striking back.
  3. Asymmetric response: “Dead hand” can help the US asymmetrically catch up with Russia and China in the nuclear sphere.

It is important to note that the authors of the idea of ​​War on the Rocks do not propose to fully give AI the right to make decisions about a nuclear strike (the system should only speed up the decision-making process in the critical situations).

Creation of “Dead Hand” in the USA – this is a complex issue that has both supporters and opponents. Proponents believe the system could make the United States more vulnerable to nuclear attack. Their opponents fear an accidental strike with atomic weapons in the event of a failure.

Discussion about the feasibility of creating a “Dead Hand” continues.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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