The US is not negotiating Ukraine's accession to NATO in exchange for an end to the war, Kirby said

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The US is not negotiating on Ukraine joining NATO in exchange for ending the war, – Kirby

Coordinator of strategic Communications Director of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, denied that the US was negotiating Ukraine's entry into NATO in exchange for an end to the war, or that Ukraine could be accepted into the alliance within government-controlled territories.

As the Voice of America reports, at the briefing, he said that the US position on this issue has not changed.

"Nothing of the sort. This – wrong. We have already talked about trying to help find a path to membership. We publicly said that in the future Ukraine will be a member of NATO, and at the Vilnius summit the alliance supported this idea and the idea of ​​developing a path for this final membership.», – said Kirby.

The day before, a number of mass media spread the statement of the chief of staff of the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Stian Jensen, who admitted that Ukraine could become a member of NATO in case of territorial concessions by the Russian Federation. According to him, discussions about the future status of Ukraine in the context of the Alliance after the war are already ongoing, among other things, they include options with Kiev's renunciation of part of the territory.

The Ukrainian side reacted sharply to this statement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called such talks “absolutely unacceptable”, and the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov called the statement “a strange throw-in”.

On August 16, NATO called it a “mistake” Jenssen's statement regarding Ukraine's relinquishment of part of its territories in exchange for accession was called a “mistake”.

And Jenssen himself clarified in a comment to VG that his statement “was part of a larger discussion about possible future scenarios in Ukraine”. ;. “I shouldn't have said that. It was a mistake», – he said.