The US is modernizing the Finnish rocket launcher systems

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USA is modernizing Finnish reactive salvo systems

The US State Department has approved the sale of equipment to the government of Finland for the modernization of reactive salvo systems fire M270A2 worth 395 million dollars.

This is stated in the message of the Office of Military Cooperation of the US Department of Defense, writes "Europeyskaya Pravda".

The government of Finland previously appealed to the United States for help in modernization of MLRS from M270A1 to M270A2.

Modernization provides for the modification of intercoms, mounts for radio communication and machine guns, kits for integration of the combat control system, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and other elements of software and logistical support.

"The proposed sale will improve Finland's ability to counter current and future threats, as well as increase interoperability with the US Armed Forces and other allied forces", – emphasizes the defense department.

The US administration has notified Congress of the decision, and it has 30 days to consider the agreement and its possible blocking.

M270A1 – an American universal launcher that is used as an MLRS and a tactical missile launcher. MLRS have been adopted by a number of NATO countries and other countries. Finland first purchased 22 such systems in 2006 from the Netherlands, and purchased another 24 from the USA in 2010.

In November 2022, the US State Department approved the sale to Finland of a batch of guided missiles for MLRS M270 MLRS for $635 million .

Finnish-American military cooperation strengthened after Finland became the thirty-first member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in April 2023.