The US defended Germany's commitment to support Ukraine

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Washington hopes that soon Berlin will soon authorize the shipment of Leopard tanks to defend against Russian attacks

USA defended the Germany's commitment to support Ukraine

The US defended Germany's commitment to support Ukraine. (AP/Michael Sohn)

The United States on Monday defended the commitment of Germany in its support for Ukraine against the invasion of Russia, highlighting the possibility that in the next few hours or days it will grant permission to third countries to deliver Leopard tanksthe Ukrainian Army.

“We have no doubt that Germany is a reliable ally on this front and on all fronts”, he asserted in spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, at a press conference.

Asked about the discussion in recent weeks about Germany's refusal to hand over its Leopard tanks to Ukraine, the State Department spokesman said that, after seeing the latest headlines regarding this matter, “it is possible” that “more will be heard” from the Germans in the next hours or days.

In this sense, he assured that many people would not have believed all the contribution he has made up to the moment Germany if they had known the day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, on February 24, 2022.

USA defended the Germany's commitment to support Ukraine

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, together with the German Prime Minister, Olaf Scholz. (Michael Kappeler/REUTERS)

Therefore, he listed some of the systems that Germany has provided to date, including, among others, the IRIS-T anti-missile system, the MLRS rocket launcher systems, the Patriot missile battery, plus “everything else Germany has talked about in the last 11 months.”

In this regard, Price pointed out that “Ukraine has tanks”, stating that he does not want there to be an “erroneous” perception that the Ukrainian Army does not have such weapons.

He also recalled that the United States has already helped Ukraine to get tanks. “We've worked with them to get Russian and Soviet-made tanks that they're already trained on, know how to use, can use right away, can repair, can keep operational, and most importantly can be effective with,” Price said.

“We will continue to do our part to provide Ukraine with what it needs,”, said the State Department spokesman, recalling that it has provided weapons to the Ukrainian Army until on 30 occasions, all worth billions of dollars.

Berlin has been cautious at every stage of its increased military assistance to Ukraine, a hesitancy believed to be due to its history and political culture.

Germany's hesitancy has sparked criticism, especially from Poland and the Baltic nations, countries on NATO's eastern flank that feel particularly threatened by renewed Russian aggression.

NATO Ready

On the other hand, Price pointed out that Finland and Sweden are ready to join the NATO alliance, after the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, maintained that Stockholm did not should expect support from their country in terms of membership for the recent burning of Korans during a demonstration in the Swedish capital.

USA defended Germany's commitment to support Ukraine

Washington signals that Sweden and Finland are ready to join NATO. (REUTERS/Johanna Geron)

“Finland and Sweden are ready to join the Alliance. They are ready because of their military capabilities and longstanding security partnership (…) for decades”, explained the US State Department spokesman.

Price stressed that “they are highly developed democracies”.

The official pointed out that “burning sacred books for many is a deeply disrespectful act,” adding that “something may be legal –for freedom of association and expression– but horrible.”

Price noted that while Helsinki and Stockholm are ready to join the Alliance, “ultimately it is a decision and a consensus” of these countries with Ankara.

(With information from Europa Press)

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