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The US Army is testing a new mortar system based on the AMPV armored vehicle: firing on the move

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May13,2024

The US Army is testing a new mortar system based on the AMPV armored vehicle: firing on the move

A modular turret based on the new army tracked armored vehicle is undergoing rigorous testing at the Yuma training ground mortar system (MTMS) to replace the aging M113.


Mounted on an Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), this new mortar, or turret, is a semi-automatic mortar system developed by Finnish company Patria that promises to improve the Army's operational capabilities.

Kevin Irr, test officer for the Ammunition and Weapons Division, highlighted the ongoing evaluations aimed at ensuring that the MTMS meets the expected performance. Scheduled to be demonstrated at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference in September 2024, the system is attracting significant interest for its potential benefits.

The semi-automatic 120 mm single-barreled mortar system, operated by the vehicle commander and two crew members, attracted attention for its versatility and defensive features. Safety testing is a top priority. At their heart is the reduction of risks to hearing health from high-intensity noise and the management of the accumulation of toxic fumes in the car.

Reflecting on the origins of the project, Irr traced its development through a multi-phase foreign comparative test, which initially assessed its capabilities in a foreign machine using American ammunition. Recognizing its potential, it was decided to evaluate the new system on the AMPV, aligning it with the goal of replacing the mortar carrier variant with an automated MTMS.

The ability of the MTMS to fire on the move, conduct direct fire and perform simultaneous multi-projectile strike missions fills an important gap in the arsenal of the army. In addition, its integration into the AMPV provides enhanced force protection by keeping the soldier under the vehicle's armor.

Natasha Kumar

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