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The US Army has banned the firing of Hellfire missiles from M-SHORADE installations: what is the reason

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

The US Army banned the firing of Hellfire missiles from M-SHORADE installations: what is the reason

As the US Army explained, Hellfire was not created as a ground weapon, so it is dangerous to use it.

The Longbow Hellfire missile launcher, which is on the M-SHORAD system, is planned to be replaced, because its use is impossible. This reports Breaking Defense.

The use of Hellfire missiles is currently impossible with M-SHORAD based on the Stryker armored personnel carrier, several military personnel said during the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.

“We will not use Hellfire”, — said one of the soldiers from the German air defense unit, which has six M-SHORADs in its arsenal.

The reason for the ban — guidance of the US Army. They cannot be aimed at aerial objects. The use of the M-SHORAD is prohibited, US Army acquisition chief Doug Bush confirmed. The Hellfire is not designed to be land-based.

“Reason? After the M-SHORAD was approved for production, the service discovered that placing a high-tech weapon on the side of the vehicle caused wear on the missile, leading to 'potential' safety issues” , — said Bush.

The publication notes that the announcement of the ban on use is news, but the very fact of replacing the Hellfire with other weapons — No. It is planned to equip M-SHORAD with Stinger complexes. One machine will have eight missiles. However, that's not all, because within the scope of the Increment 3 program, it is planned to replace the Stinger with a new development. Lockheed Martin and RTX are competing for the right to create a replacement.

Natasha Kumar

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