The US announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine for 400 million dollars

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Washington indicated that the shipment sent to Kiev includes anti-aircraft defense systems to deal with Russian bombing

The US announced a new military aid package to Ukraine for 400 million dollars

US Air Force Sergeant Cody Brown checks shipments of 155mm rounds destined for Ukraine at Dover Air Force Base (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The United States Government announced this Thursday a new package of military assistance to Ukraine worth 400 million dollars, which will contain anti-aircraft defense systems to protect itself from Russian bombing.

< p class="paragraph">The Pentagon's deputy spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, told a press conference that the aid includes four Avenger anti-aircraft defense systems and portable Stinger missiles, as well as additional ammunition for the so-called HIMARS, High Mobility Artillery Rocket systems, which are long-range.

In the package are also 21,000 155-millimeter and 500 precision-guided artillery pieces, as well as 10,120 mortar rounds and 100 Humvee all-terrain vehicles.

Singh added that the United States will also send more than 20 million pieces of ammunition for small arms and demolition teams.

The spokeswoman stressed that additional anti-aircraft defenses are “crucial” in the face of Russian bombing of Ukraine's civilian population and its infrastructure.

The package also includes an unknown number of missiles for Hawk air defense systems.

The US announced a new $400 million military aid package to Ukraine

The military assistance sent by the US to Ukraine includes portable Stinger missiles (REUTERS/Anna Kudriavtseva )

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky thanked his American counterpart, Joe Biden, and to the North American people the help given. “Together we are building an air shield to protect (Ukrainian) civilians. We are getting closer to victory over the aggressor!” he declared on his social networks.

The package brings the total security aid to more than 18.6 billion dollars. The United States in Ukraine since Russian forces invaded in February.

For his part, Singh mentioned without offering details the US-made Hawk systems that Spain has sent to Ukraine and stressed that the Avenger that Washington is going to supply to kyiv will complement the systems sent by the allies.

Spain has sent the Ukrainian army four Hawk missile launchers from the Army, as well as the Aspide anti-aircraft missile system from the Air and Space Army, reported the Ministry of Defense Spanish last week.

The US-made Hawk missile system is part of the artillery of the Spanish Army and has a range of 40 kilometres. It deals with the detection, identification, tracking and destruction of aerial targets at medium and low altitude.

The US announced a new 400-million-dollar military aid package to Ukraine dollars

Ukrainian soldiers in an armored fighting vehicle in the city of Kupiansk (Press Service of the Presidency of Ukraine/Handout via REUTERS)

On the other hand, from the White House, the National Security Adviser < b>Jake Sullivan pointed out this Thursday that they have seen “coherent movements” with a potential withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, as announced by Russia, but he maintained that we must wait to see how the situation evolves in the coming days.

He recalled that in any case “it is not the end of the war” as long as Russia continues to occupy Ukrainian territory.

< p class="paragraph">Sullivan made it clear that Russian troops continue to use Iranian cruise missiles and drones to attack Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

The US Executive insisted that support of his country to Ukraine is going to be maintained and that his strategy takes into account the will of the Ukrainians at all times.

(With information from EFE)

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