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The US ambassador named the condition for Turkey's return to the F-35 program

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

The US ambassador named the condition for Turkey's return to the F-35 program

Turkey's return to the F-35 fighter jet procurement program is possible in case of “solving the problem” with Russian S-400 air defense systems purchased earlier.

According to Ukrinform, US Ambassador to Turkey Jeff Fleck said this in an interview with CNN Türk.

“We welcome any steps to solve the S-400 problem, which currently prevents Turkey from participating in the F-35 program. Therefore, if and when the development on this issue (S-400 – ed.) is stopped, we will welcome negotiations with Turkey on the purchase of the F-35, Fleck said.

According to the diplomat, the issue of joint production of the latest fighter jets is more complicated and will be resolved jointly with partners.

He also recalled the positive progress of the issue of receiving Turkey F-16 fighter jets.


“The agreement reached in January was for the administration to notify Congress of its intention to sell. Congress approved it, and Turkey recently signed a letter of agreement with Lockheed Martin, which will build new planes and then upgrade older models with Turkey… So this is a big step,” Fleck said.

According to him, it is important for the US to maintain compatibility with Turkey's NATO partners.

Natasha Kumar

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