The Uruguayan Minister of the Interior denied that the former custodian of Lacalle Pou had used an official wiretapping system

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Luis Alberto Heber assured in Congress that the “El Guardian” system for wiretapping was not used by Alejandro Astesiano, despite the former custody he had offered it to his contacts

Uruguayan Interior Minister denied that the former custodian of Lacalle Pou had used an official paging system

&quot ;A lie is a lie. It has no explanation,” Heber said about the version that ensures that Alejandro Astesiano used the conversation interception system. EFE/Sonsoles Caro /FILE

Uruguayan Interior Minister, Luis Alberto Heber, attended the Security and Coexistence Committee of the Senate on Monday to present on the evolution of crime figures and the operation of El Guardian -a system used by the Government to bug conversations-.

This appearance took place after La Diaria disclosed part of the messages recovered from the cell phone of the former head of presidential security, Alejandro Astesiano, in which the man offered intelligence contacts and the intervention of cell phones from The Guardian. However, it was already planned before this happened. In this context, the opposition focused on obtaining information on the conclusions reached by Interior regarding the case.

After the session -which lasted about three hours-, Heber gave a conference in which he described as a “lie” the version that links Astesiano to the use of The Guardian.

When questioned on the subject, he expressed that “a lie is a lie”: “There is no explanation. You cannot enter El Guardian if it is not due to a police act that is denounced in a prosecutor's office that finds elements to take the matter to a judge, who is the one who determines whether to intervene”.

“The El Guardian system is a good system that we are improving to better comply with the investigation work,” explained the minister, adding that the interception system is audited every three months by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).< /p>

In this sense, Heber pointed out that “The Guardian has to pass all the numbers intervened with the judge's orders. And in turn the telephone operators pass them all the numbers that are intervened with the orders of the judge. The SCJ checks that this information is identical”.

“If not, something is wrong. Until now, that has not happened,” the minister explained at a press conference. “I do not come to talk about the case (Astesiano) but about the system; I come to defend the El Guardian system, which is a good system that we are improving to be able to comply with the investigation and information work that the Police need to fight organized crime”, summarized the head of the portfolio.

< p class="paragraph">For his part, the senator of the Broad Front, Enrique Rubio, considered Heber's responses insufficient and declared that the minister focused on “what are the operating rules of these systems within the legal frameworks ”, but he had been asked if they could be “drilled”.

“Here there is a judicial investigation that is reserved, but new elements appear every day, which transcend the chats. The problem is that what has been reported does not coincide with normal operation in accordance with all the rules and with all the legality that the minister describes. We do not have to raise suspicions about the authorities or about the systems, but the systems are managed by people and can be perforated by criminal gangs”, stated the Frente Amplio senator.