The Uruguayan government dismissed two police chiefs to start a “new stage” in the fight against drug trafficking

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The Minister of the Interior affirmed that in recent days he evaluated together with President Luis Lacalle Pou “the need to generate a new stage” so that they consolidate “ the successes” that the portfolio has had “in the fight against organized crime”

The Uruguayan government dismissed two police chiefs to start a

The Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior dismissed two heads of the National Police to start a “new stage” that deepens the “successes” in the fight against drug trafficking.

This was stated this Wednesday in a statement to the press by the head of that portfolio, Luis Alberto Heber, who noted that this series of changes in the leadership of the Police “ it has nothing to do with other matters that the ministry has at hand.”

Heber gave these explanations after late Tuesday news reported in the press that on March 1 the national director of the National Police, Diego Fernández, and the deputy executive director of the Police, Jorge Berriel, will be relieved.

< p class="paragraph">In addition, the deputy director of the Police until last December, Héctor Ferreira, left office at that time after presenting his resignation.

According to Heber, the new national director will be Commissioner Juan Manuel Azambuya, while Ferreira's position will be filled by retired Commissioner Johnny Diego and Berriel's by the current head of the National Directorate of Police Education, Efraín Abreu.< /p>

In the statement, the Minister of the Interior affirmed that in recent days he had evaluated, together with the Uruguayan President, Luis Lacalle Pou, “the need to generate a new stage” so that consolidate “the successes” that the ministry has had “in the fight against organized crime”.

“Our people need more security and therefore we will continue working, giving the last drop of our energies so that people feel safer,” he remarked.

In September 2022, Heber was consulted about the wave of homicides suffered in Uruguay in 2022 and said that it is “a consequence of the frontal and determined combat that the Ministry of the Interior is waging against drug trafficking”.

We have removed drugs from the market in very significant quantities. A few days ago, in Salto, we had an operation where we removed 48 kilograms of cocaine. Therefore, we are waging a very tough battle against drug trafficking. That means less drugs and less money in the market, more disputes and, unfortunately, more violence in the territorial dispute that exists in the gangs, because we are facing 45 organizations”, added the minister.

In more general terms, he referred to the security data for 2021 and requested that they be analyzed “according to all crimes being lowered, comparatively with the year 2019 and 2020″, because in this way “it is clearly demonstrated, with numbers for 2021, that we have lowered homicides, robberies, thefts, rustling and domestic violence. And it is important to point out that this fall in crimes, especially in robbery and theft, which will continue during 2022 in its fall. Compared to the first half of 2021, homicides in the first six months of 2022 increased by 39% (from 135 to 188).

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