The untimely braking for Robert Lewandowski

    The untimely braking for Robert Lewandowski

    We saw last Tuesday how the worst fears were confirmed with Robert Lewandowski because it will be off no less than four weeks. A major setback for him Bayern Munich in this case, facing the final stretch of the course, since the Pole is his maximum offensive reference.

    Follow after this announcement

    Missing the crucial Champions League tie against PSG and also a few Bundesliga games now that theirs want to defend the title against RB Leipzig. But he will also see his great individual campaign slowed down precisely in the German championship.

    Road to new records

    Before starting this day, the Pole added 35 goals in the championship to 21 from an Erling Haaland that has it really difficult to approach him. Although now he could take advantage of his absence, the truth is that the performance of the 32-year-old Bavarian team player is simply stellar.

    The best player for FIFA in 2020, the attacker will now have to wait patiently to return to the pitch predictably in May. If his teammates are up to the task, to fight again for the main titles already in the final stretch of the campaign.

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