The United States will expand the training of the Ukrainian military

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US to expand Ukrainian military training

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The United States and its allies intend to change the dynamics of hostilities in Ukraine by training the Ukrainian military in combined arms combat using infantry, tanks and artillery. The New York Times reports.

For fear that the freeze conflict may play into the hands of Russia, the United States and allies have in recent weeks begun to discuss more actively how to change the dynamics on the battlefield in favor of Ukraine.

To achieve these goals, the United States and its allies must not only increase arms supplies, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery, “but also expand the training of the Ukrainian military” so that they can “use all the new equipment in a bundle.”

This will be an express training course to what the US military calls combined arms combat, the conduct of which is about honed in the US military for months, if not years of training.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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