The United States thought about the elimination of Wagner PMCs in different countries

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The United States is thinking about eliminating Wagner PMCs in different countries

Washington is working on in order to neutralize PMC “Wagner” in all countries where mercenaries are active.

This was announced during a visit to Serbia by US State Department adviser Derek Cholle, AP reports.

“We saw that PMCs “Wagner” is trying to recruit soldiers from Serbia and other countries, and we believe that this cannot be tolerated. I don't know if there is concern, we have spoken about our concerns and we look forward to working with the government here in Belgrade and elsewhere where Wagner is is active in order to put an end to their activities, », — he said.

Chollet stressed that Prigozhin's mercenaries are “acting horribly around the world, whether it's in Libya, the Central African Republic, or just right now in Ukraine.”

It is noted that earlier there were reports that PMC «Wagner» opened its information center in Serbia. Although this information was later debunked, the Russian propaganda portal RT, launched in Serbia, published an advertisement for the recruitment of fighters for the war in Ukraine, which offered “more than attractive” conditions.

It became known that the Russian PMC “Wagner” transports its soldiers who died in Ukraine with the help of ordinary truckers, the corresponding orders appear on the specialized Russian exchanges “almost every day”.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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