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The United States imposed sanctions against the Israeli Tsav-9 group

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

The United States imposed sanctions against the Israeli Tsav-9 group

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The US State Department on Friday, June 14, imposed sanctions against the Israeli group, which has repeatedly blocked humanitarian aid needed to save the lives of civilians in Gaza.

< p>Members of the Tsav 9 group tried to disrupt the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza by blocking roads on the way from Jordan to Gaza. According to the State Department, the group damaged trucks and dumped humanitarian aid on roads, reports Voice of America.

“Providing humanitarian assistance is vital to preventing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza from worsening and reducing the risk of famine.” ;, said State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

In February of this year, President Joe Biden signed an executive order giving the United States the right to impose sanctions against extremist Israeli settlers who “threaten peace and stability in the West.” shore.”

On May 13, members of “Tsav 9” looted and burned two trucks heading to Gaza, Miller said.

In his statement, Miller said the United States will continue to hold accountable groups that try to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza, and called on the Israeli government to do the same the most.”

“We will not tolerate acts of sabotage and violence directed against this important humanitarian aid,” he added.

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