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The United States delivered an ultimatum to Israel: Netanyahu will stop the operation in Gaza

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr5,2024

The US has delivered an ultimatum to Israel: Netanyahu will support the operation in Gazi

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US President Joe Biden had a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of him that the further policies of the States in the Gazi sector will lie in the fact that Israel will work to save extermination of victims among civilians.

The communiqué will go to the White House for the Muslim bags

Biden called the attacks on humanitarian workers and the illegal humanitarian situation that has developed in the Gazi sector unacceptable.

The US President also emphasized the need for a direct fire to improve the humanitarian situation and called on Netanyahu to renew the date for the negotiators to quickly reach homeowners in order to allow the release of the guarantors.

Bai Today, Netanyahu also spoke about public threats against Iran addressed to Israel.

Israel's reaction to the advance

After the attack on the World Central Kitchen convoy and the tense dispute with US President Joe Biden, the Israeli security cabinet has worsened the humanitarian situation in the Gazi Strip, reports The Times of Israel.

Israel is urgently reopening the port of Ashdod for humanitarian purposes and opening the Erez crossing into the Gazi sector.

“More help to avoid the humanitarian crisis that may loom not important for ensuring the continuation of combat operations and achieving the goals of war”< /em>, — commenting on Netanyahu's decision.

More details: These people welcomed the Big House, which called on Israel to oust them.

A blow to World Central Kitchen, causing disturbances at Zahod: what is obvious

Biden criticized Israel after an airstrike near Gazi killed seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) workers, including one American, as well as people from Australia, Britain and Poland.

< p>Volunteers were killed when the column was visible from the warehouse after the dismantling of over 100 tons of humanitarian food aid brought to Gaza by sea.
This organization also operates in Ukraine on a large scale ї war, and ї founder became an ambassador of the United24 initiative.< /p>

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