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The United States condemned relations between Russia and North Korea

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

The United States condemned relations between Russia and North Korea

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The United States criticized the developing relations between Russia and North Korea ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the isolated country.

"We believe that deepening cooperation between Russia and the DPRK – This is something that should be of great concern to everyone interested in maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, compliance with the global non-proliferation regime, implementation of UN Security Council resolutions and, of course, supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend their freedom from Russian invasion.” em> – State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, according to the Voice of America.

"This concerns not only the USA, – he continued. – We are seeing other countries expressing concerns about this deepening security partnership.

DPRK has illegally transferred dozens of ballistic missiles and more than 11,000 containers of ammunition over the past few months, he said. to aid the Russian war effort.

"We saw these munitions appear on the battlefield in Ukraine, – Miller noted. – We know that they are using ammunition from the DPRK to threaten Ukraine and kill Ukrainians. We will therefore continue to clarify our concerns.”.

“We believe that no country should support this deepening relationship, and we will continue to urge Russia to respect Council resolutions UN non-proliferation security, including those it voted for"– Miller indicated.

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Natasha Kumar

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