The United States announced a new aid package for Ukraine for USD 4.5 billion

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The funds will be used to “strengthen economic stability and support basic government services” in the country invaded by Russia

The United States announced a new US$4.5 billion aid package for Ukraine

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced new economic aid to Ukraine (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

The United States Department of the Treasury announced Tuesday a new economic aid package for Ukraine, this time valued at USD 4.5 billion, to “defend itself against the illegal war” provoked by by Russia.

The US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, explained that these new funds will begin to arrive in Ukraine in the “next few weeks” to “reinforce economic stability and support basic government services,” including salaries of public employees, such as doctors and teachers, hospital expenses and social assistance for the most vulnerable.

Yellen stressed that, “combined” with military assistance, these funds represent essential help in “Ukraine's resistance” against the “unprovoked invasion” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that they come in addition to budget items previously sent by Washington, as well as “the immense courage of the Ukrainian people”.

Aid of this type that the United States has already issued since the start of the war, Yellen remarked , have amounted to 13,000 million. Washington has asked its partners to continue to support Ukraine, as they continue togethersanctioning Russia “to weaken Putin's war machine.”

“We encourage other donors to speed up their assistance to Ukraine,” Yellen said in this message on the who recalled that the US Treasury Department will continue to help the country with different tools.

The United States announced a new $4.5 billion aid package for Ukraine

File photo: Ukrainians await food aid after Russia's withdrawal from Kherson on November 17, 2022 (REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

Sanctions on Belarus

For its part, Canada on Tuesday imposed a new round of sanctions against Belarus for “facilitating and assisting” the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The sanctions announced by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affect 22 senior officials and 16 companies from Belarus “involved in the country's military production, technology, engineering, financial system and rail transport.”

“By allowing their territory to serve as a launching pad for heinous Russian attacks on Ukraine, Belarusian leaders are allowing the Russian regime to violate human rights in places like Bucha, Izium and Mariupol”, the Canadian government said in a statement.

Canada has imposed sanctions on tens of thousands of Russian and Belarusian officials as well as companies and entities from the two countries since Russia seized control of Crimea in 2014. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February alone, Canada has imposed sanctions on more than 1,500 individuals and entities from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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