The unexpected role of Piqué's new girlfriend for the footballer and Shakira to reach a legal agreement

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Clara Chía Martí had a gesture that was important in the separation of the former Spanish soccer player with the Colombian singer

The unexpected role of Piqué;'s new girlfriend so that the footballer and Shakira reached a legal agreement

The unexpected role of Piqué's new girlfriend so that the footballer and Shakira could reach a legal agreement

A new chapter in the scandalous separation between Gerard Piqué and Shakira has been added in the last few hours. In the middle of the legal agreementreached by the parties regarding a vital point, such as the custody of their children, the unexpected role of the girlfriend of the former Spanish soccer player became known so that agreed to the divorce with the Colombian singer on good terms.

According to the European press, Clara Chía Martí functioned as a mediator and his important gesture allowed the parties to put an end to a difficult situation. The 23-year-old would have asked Ella Piqué's boyfriend that he put aside his anger with Shakira and there is peace, for the sake of his two children, Sasha and Milan, and also for the future of his own relationship that is beginning.

“The young woman wants the two of them to fix things without getting hurt and it would have been her who convinced the athlete to calm down and talk things over, facilitating the wishes of the mother of her children ”, indicated the media El Nacional.

The former Barcelona footballer, who has just announced his retirement from practicing sports, maintains a strong anger with the Colombian singer since he accuses her of having been the one who spread the identity of his current partner. This was added to the discomfort due to the interview given to ELLE magazine and the artist's new songs, in which she points directly to the athlete.

For his part, Jord Martin , the best-informed journalist on the affair, revealed that Clara Chía Martí suffered such media pressure, especially from Shakira's fans, that Piqué suggested that she take refuge at home< /b> and that he work remotely at the Kosmos company, owned by the former soccer player.

The unexpected role of Piqué's new girlfriend so that the footballer and Shakira reach a legal agreement

The new photographs of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía after their separation from Shakira (Photos: Magazine ¡Hola!/Instagram/@holacom)

Five months after the announcement, Shakira and  Gerard Piqué concluded their separation. After so many meetings between lawyers, this Monday the singer and the soccer player met face to face to define the last point in discussion and finally there was an agreement, as confirmed by their legal representatives.

“We're done”, announced the lawyers before the handful of journalists who had gathered at the door of the Colombian artist's house. “A conclusion has been reached by mutual agreement,” they added briefly before clarifying that they were not authorized to give details about the negotiations that allowed them to avoid going through the courts.

As reported by the Spanish media, the only thing that remained to be defined was the custody of the children, Sasha, 11 years old, and Milan, 9 years old. of the meeting on Monday, it was decided that both live with their mother in the residence that the singer owns in Miami, United States, according to the Spanish portals < i>La Vanguardia and El Periódico.

But, one detail is that for the Christmas and New Years New they will spend them in Spain with their father, who also got a flexible visitation regime. The soccer player who announced his retirement a few days ago will be able to travel to & nbsp; North America & nbsp; as many times as he wants to visit the children. This agreement would have been achieved because it would have been the Barcelona player who accepted that they live with his mother in the United States, something he had opposed in the first place place, arguing that it was more convenient for them to continue with their lives in Catalonia.

The unexpected role of Piqué's new girlfriend so that the footballer and Shakira reach a legal agreement

Shakira and Piqué closed their separation agreements (Reuters)

Regarding the division of assets, the site Celebrity Net Worth had detailed that the singer would accumulate more than  USD 300 million, from what was produced in his musical career and from advertising, while Piqué's assets would barely exceed USD 80 million, based on what was perceived as a player of the&nbsp ;Barcelona and the profits of Kosmos, his company dedicated to the organization of events.

Since they were together they bought two properties. One, acquired in 2012, is located in Esplugues de Llobregat, and has a price of 4.8 million dollars. Then, in 2015, they acquired another property near the Camp Nou, the stadium of the culé team, valued at USD 5.3 million. It should be clarified that the properties that they owned before beginning their relationship, which began in 2010, were not included in the legal dispute. around USD 20 million. It is a Learjet 60XR with the capacity to carry up to 10 passengers. It has a bedroom with two beds, a living room with plasma TV and a very comfortable dining room. It has an estimated hourly charter price of USD 4,500. When it entered the scene, it became the most expensive item they bought while they were in love.

According to the lawyers, there was agreement on all points and the last, the most controversial, has been that of the children. So, with this announcement Shakira and Piqué have closed their separation.

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