The unexpected dart of the Manchester United coach to Carlos Tevez

    The unexpected dart of the Manchester United coach to Carlos Tevez

    Ole Gunnar Solskjær, manager of Manchester United and Carlos Tevez in his time as a City player, his classic rival.

    12,000 kilometers away and with many issues in mind in today’s Boca world, Carlos Tevez received a dart from the coach of the Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjær. The Norwegian technical director recalled it without mentioning it in his last press conference when he was asked about the possibility of receiving Sergio Aguero, the top scorer and benchmark of the other team in the city, who announced that he will stop playing for the Citizens after June 30.

    The Nordic DT made it clear that, while he is in charge of the team of the Red Devils, the possibility of having the When. “I would not expect that any player who has played in a club for ten years wants to go to his rival in the city. That’s not for me. I know we are professionals but when you play for United, you don’t go to City”, He sentenced in the meeting with the journalists.

    The version in the British media was enhanced by the case of Tevez, who in 2009 left United and went to City, in what was a blow to English football. So Solskjær remembered that fact and threw a dart at Apache: “We have had examples of that and I really disagree. I won’t say a name, but you know who I mean. Said enough”.

    Solskjær is a benchmark for United, where he played between 1996 and 2007. He was part of the glorious season of 1998/1999 where from the hand of Alex Ferguson they won the Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League and at the end of that year it also won the Intercontinental Cup. In addition, in his eleven years the Norwegian scored 127 goals in 365 games and won a total of 13 titles.

    The unexpected dart of the Manchester United coach to Carlos Tevez

    Sergio Agüero plays his last matches at Manchester City (REUTERS / Rui Vieira).

    For his statements, the Scandinavian DT left in the hands of FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, PSG and Chelsea, who can hire the 32-year-old forward. All of them would have the former Independiente and Atlético Madrid player on their radar, but none reached an agreement. The output of the When it was made official last week on his account and his club also published the future dissociation.

    Meanwhile, Manchester United continues to fight for the Premier League title. On the next date, the 31st, they will face Tottenham on Saturday. They are six points behind Manchester City with a pending duel. In such a way, the encounter against the group that directs Jose Mourinho it’s of vital importance.

    For his part, Agüero, who scored nine goals for United, has a contract with City until June 30 of this year and his horizon would not be in the Premier League. His intention is to continue competing in European football, which is why he rejected Independiente’s interest in repatriating him, something that could happen after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to be played at the end of next year.

    Meanwhile, Kun seeks to continue in some giant of the Old World where he still has many goals to give.


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