The unexpected call that a Spanish minister received in the middle of the campaign event and that unleashed laughter from all those present

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The head of the Treasury and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, had to pause briefly while giving a speech when her cell phone began to ring. The funny moment made the rally attendees burst out laughing

The Spanish minister received a call in the middle of a political event that caused laughter from all those present

The Minister of Finance and Civil Service from Spain, María Jesús Montero, received an unexpected call on her cell phone while giving a speech at an event in Las Palmas that provoked laughter from everyone present.

“It's my mother, it's my mother”, clarified the minister with a smile while her colleagues from the PSOE and those attending the event burst out laughing.

“He has forgotten. ‘She can’t be at a rally so early,’ my mother will say,” Montero continued with a laugh.

The unexpected call that a Spanish minister received in the middle of the campaign event and that unleashed laughter from everyone present

The funny moment provoked laughter from all those present

The funny moment occurred when the civil servant was defending the management of the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, in the regarding the question of Catalonia. “He inherited a problem caused by the inaction of the PP governments,” Montero said when his cell phone began to ring.

Recently, Sánchez categorically assured that he has never sent someone from the PSOE to contact the former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont to offer him possible favorable treatment and his return to Spain.

“I can speak for myself. The answer is very simple, it is no”, stressed Sánchez when asked directly by journalists about that possibility.

Sánchez has thus denied Puigdemont's claims that on several occasions “PSOE people” had visited him to give him expectations of “good treatment” and even a pardon.

The coalition Spain's ruler will propose legal changes to replace the crime of sedition, which has landed Catalan separatists in jail, with a misdemeanor in the penal code in line with European best practices, Sánchez said last week.

< p class="paragraph">The president told LaSexta TV that the measure should further defuse the political conflict between Madrid and the wealthy northeastern region of C Catalonia after its failed bid for independence in 2017.

Last year, Spain pardoned the nine separatist leaders sentenced in 2019 to between nine and 13 years imprisonment prison for sedition and embezzlement of public funds, but some of those who fled Spain in 2017 remain in exile.

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