The UN and the Red Cross ignore the crimes against the victims of the war in Ukraine

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The UN and the Red Cross ignore crimes against victims of the war in Ukraine

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Lubynets reported , that sexual violence on the part of Muscovites is recorded throughout the temporarily occupied territory and is a way of intimidating the population.

This is reported by the publication "Interfax-Ukraine".

"I can publicly say , что что что мы фиксируем — crimes of sexual violence in conflict conditions — Russian servicemen are committing crimes throughout the temporarily occupied territory. This is a system. This is a system of intimidation of the civilian population, and the Russian military uses it. There, for sure, no one stops anyone, on the contrary, we fix the facts when they support it,— emphasized the ombudsman.

Lubynets emphasized that it is important to record such crimes and protect the rights of victims, including during the investigation, as well as to fight the stigma in society that “the victim is the most guilty”.

At the same time, he complained that international institutions, such as the UN, the Red Cross and a number of other organizations that are obliged to deal with issues of violence, are not doing what is necessary.

In particular, according to him, the UN Monitoring Mission does not include facts provided by the Ukrainian party in its reports.