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The UN again pointed out to Russia the need to comply with Security Council resolutions on arms trade

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

The UN once again pointed out to Russia the need to comply with Security Council resolutions on arms trade

Deputy Secretary General, UN High Representative for Disarmament Izumi Nakamitsu reminded Russia of the need to comply with Security Council resolutions related to international trade weapons

As reported by Ukrinform's own correspondent in New York, she stated this on Monday at a meeting of the Security Council convened by Russia to “condemn” provision of military aid to Ukraine.

"In recent months, the provision of military aid and the transfer of weapons and ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has continued", – she said, noting that much of the relevant information is available from open sources.

The shipments reportedly included heavy conventional weapons, including tanks, armored fighting vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, large-caliber artillery systems, missile systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as remote-controlled munitions, small arms and light weapons and their ammunition , Nakamitsu said.

«There have also been reports that states are transferring or planning to transfer weapons such as unmanned aerial vehicles, ballistic missiles and ammunition to the Russian armed forces, and that these weapons have been used against Ukraine. I reiterate that any transfer of weapons and ammunition must be carried out within the framework of international legal norms, including, of course, the relevant resolutions of the Security Council. she noted.

Nakamitsu noted that the frequency of attacks on Ukrainian cities and villages led to an increase in the number of deaths and injuries among the civilian population, as well as to the massive destruction of civilian infrastructure.

International humanitarian law prohibits direct attacks on the civilian population and infrastructure, she recalled. she. "All such attacks must be stopped immediately", – emphasized the Deputy Secretary General.

According to her, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that as a result of shelling in Ukraine, at least 11,017 civilians were killed and 21,445 were injured. "The fact that the number of injured civilians is increasing significantly for the second month in a row is a matter of serious concern,– said Nakamitsu.

As reported, the current resolutions of the UN Security Council, which were voted for, in particular, by Russia, prohibit the supply of weapons from North Korea.

The Russian delegation convenes the Security Council every month, trying to promote propaganda narratives regarding the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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