The Ukrainians managed to greatly surprise the Western allies, – media

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Ukrainians managed to greatly surprise their Western allies - media

Innovative solutions of the Ukrainian military on the battlefield surprised Western partners – CNN writes about it. Ukraine developed dozens of inventions during the war, often finding cheap solutions to costly problems. “Their innovations are simply amazing,” — said Seth Jones, director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

In particular, CNN mentions a mobile application for targeting artillery. It was actively used during the counteroffensive in the fall. This is Ukrainian software for affordable tablets and smartphones. The mobile app translates satellite and other reconnaissance images into a real-time targeting algorithm, which helps units direct fire to specific targets.

U.S. sources familiar with the tool say it has proven to be very effective in targeting Ukrainian artillery fire on Russian targets.

“Small plastic drones, buzzing softly overhead, are dropping grenades and other munitions on Russian troops. 3D printers now produce parts so soldiers can repair heavy equipment in the field. Technicians have turned ordinary pickup trucks into mobile rocket launchers. Engineers have figured out how to attach sophisticated American missiles to old Soviet fighter jets like the MiG-29, helping the Ukrainian air force keep flying after nine months of war,” — writes CNN.

“Ukraine has even developed its own anti-ship weapon” Neptune “; based on Soviet missile designs that can hit the Russian fleet from a distance of almost 200 miles, — resembles a publication.

Such Ukrainian ingenuity astounded US officials, who praised Kyiv's ability to develop MacGyver solutions to their needs on the battlefield, filling important tactical gaps left by larger and more advanced Western weapons.

The war in Ukraine has provided the United States and its allies with a rare opportunity to study how their own weapons systems perform under intense usage and what ammo both sides use to win.

The way Ukraine has used its limited stock of HIMARS missiles to wreak havoc on Russian command and control, targeting command posts, headquarters and supply depots, is eye-opening, a defense official said, adding that the military leadership will look into it for years.

Ukrainians also made tactical innovations that amazed Western officials. In the first weeks of the war, Ukrainian commanders adapted their operations to the use of small groups of foot infantry during the Russian advance on Kyiv. Armed with Stinger and Javelin shoulder rockets, Ukrainian troops were able to sneak up on Russian tanks with no infantry on the flanks.

Ukraine is “an absolute weapons laboratory in every sense, because none of this equipment has ever been used in a war between two industrialized countries. These are combat tests in real conditions, », — said a source familiar with Western intelligence.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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