The Ukrainian Minister spoke about the plans of our country to attack Russia

The Ukrainian Minister spoke about the plans of our country to attack Russia

Ukrainian minister spoke about our country's plans to attack Russia

The first priority is to stop Russian criminals who destroy everything in the territories they capture.

As the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov wrote on Facebook, for this we need a rapid reinforcement through the supply of artillery, tanks and armored vehicles, air defense systems, etc.< /p>

The task of the second stage, as Reznikov noted, is to reach the line of demarcation and the administrative border as soon as possible as of February 24. This is where we will focus.

"Our global goal – de-occupation and reintegration of all territories of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders. Ukraine is not going to use weapons to attack Russia or seize its territories. We are not Russia. And our partners understand this. We don't need someone else. We protect what is ours: the lives of our people, our lands. We liberate a free Ukraine from Russian invasion. From murderers, marauders and rapists,” he adds.

According to Reznikov, the whole world supports us in this. The leaders of the countries have repeatedly noted that Russia must leave our territory and withdraw its troops. That Ukraine must return all its territories within internationally recognized borders. Russian troops must leave the territory of Ukraine. And Crimea, and Donbass with the Luhansk region. This is stated in numerous resolutions of the UN General Assembly.

“Further reintegration is one of the key and fragile issues. Actually, people have already expressed their position in all cities, including those temporarily occupied, by sending “asvabadists” behind the Russian ship in a language understandable to terrorists,” adds the Minister of Defense.

Reznikov noted that he also had very substantive and frank conversations with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President of the European Parliament Roberta Mezola.

< p>"European and Euro-Atlantic integration remains the unchanged course of our state. We are interested in filling this movement with practical content and enshrining it in strategic documents at the international level, such as the NATO Strategic Concept approved at the end of June in Madrid. Ukraine has already proved that it can be a reliable shield for Europe in the east. Comprehensive cooperation with our state opens up new opportunities for the European community,” he adds.

That is why the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders, including Crimea, is a priority for European security and should become part of the strategy of the free world.

"Then any aggressor will see that trying to achieve their goals by force at the expense of others– this is a bug… We are already working on the practical implementation of the agreements reached. After all, our warriors need support”, & ndash; summarizes Reznikov.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich