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The Ukrainian fencer refused to shake hands with the Russian at the European Championship

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

The Ukrainian fencer refused to shake hands with the Russian at the European Championship

Olena Kryvytska/Instagram

Ukrainian fencer Olena Kryvytska at the European Fencing Championship in Basel refused to shake the hand of Russian Maia Guchmazova, who is currently representing Georgia.

This happened at the European Fencing Championship, held in Basel, Switzerland. In the opening match of the individual championship, Olena Kryvytska defeated the Russian Maya Guchmazova, who represents Georgia, with a score of 15:9.

After the match, which ended with a score of 15:9 in favor of the Ukrainian, Kryvytska left the track. This infuriated Guchmazova, who loudly exclaimed:

B***, why can they do anything, are they what, oh***s or what?

Also in the video, you can hear a remark addressed to Guchmazova for cursing. The disgruntled brawler was taken out of the fencing lane. Olena Kryvytska approached the judge to explain the situation, and she immediately replied that she perfectly understood the reason for the refusal.

Thank you Olena for the principled position! Ukrainian athletes do not shake hands with murderers and terrorists. And the Russians once again showed the world their true face, commented the Ministry of Sports.

In Russia, they are already calling for the disqualification of the Ukrainian athlete.

Natasha Kumar

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