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The Ukrainian drone developer showed the new robot “Solomandra”: what it can do

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

The Ukrainian drone developer showed the new robot "Solomandra": what it can do

The robotic platform “Solomandra” is a budget drone that will help in demining territories.

In Ukraine, domestic robotic ground platform “Solomandra”, designed to detect and neutralize anti-personnel mines, was successfully tested.

Video of the tests appeared on the YouTube channel of the manufacturer of unmanned robotic systems Temerland.

The ground drone is controlled by the operator from a safe distance, has four wheel-shafts and a flexible anti-mine system that repeats the topography of the surface on which the robot moves. This system is supposed to activate antipersonnel mines, and a protective shield can save the device for later use.

However, Militarnyi  notes that “Solomandra” is a budget development, so it can be used as a consumable.

“In essence, “Solomandra” has the concept of a budget robotic platform, which will not be a pity to lose. The small platform should be used as consumables for demining the territory from anti-personnel mines”, – the publication's experts note.

The Ukrainian company Temerland has been developing various types of drones for a long time and is involved in the modernization of vehicles into unmanned ground platforms. Its latest development “Solomandra” will facilitate both humanitarian and military demining of territories.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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