The Ukrainian diaspora in the United States supported the White House to launch a lend-lease for Ukraine

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Ukrainian diaspora in the USA to help the White House launch a lend-lease for Ukraine

September 15 at 13.00 at the Washington Bill of the White House there will be a mass action to support the launch of lend-lease, which is necessary for Ukraine's victory.

The Ukrainian diaspora in America is turbulent US administration on real launches of lend-lease for Ukraine.

Representatives of the Diaspora affirm that “Whoever you visit again, it's good for the American people of that order” for the support of Ukraine, and we also ask you to start winning lend-lease.  Be aware that the organization of American veterans in the Ukrainian campaign will take part in the visit, and it is possible  representatives to the Congress and other people, write to see "PIK".

« diasporans of the United States and all non-bayduzhs shared information about this visit. Ukraine needs Lend-Lease for swede victory! – slander the organizers of the action.

Americans of the Ukrainian campaign, they call out to their senators and representatives in the House of Representatives in Congress with an offensive statement:

«Mi, Hulks of the USA  Ukrainian campaign and friends of Ukraine, valuing all your efforts, directing to help Ukraine from the moment of the beginning of a large-scale Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. Ukraine would not be able to fight for its independence without American help, and we will forever be strong and never forget your support! war. Navpaki – to mobilize a larger army, to possibly attack the capital of Ukraine, Kiev and other places, to try again involuntarily independent Ukraine and with new forces to carry out a total genocide of the Ukrainian people.

As can be seen from a recent interview with “The Economist” General Zalugny, the situation is even more unsafe. Without a defense, General Zaluzhny cannot guarantee the success of the Ukrainian military in the turned Ukrainian territories, paid off by the Russian military malice.

My understanding is the number of clicks, with which the success of the States in the economic situation through inflation, the possibility of a recession, is constantly collapsing. Prote іsnuіє zabute slіshennya іn thе present minds, yak іn't mає а meaningful injection into the budget of the USA and American payers' taxes. Tse – law  about Lend-Lease “Pro Defender of Democracy in Ukraine in 2022”, signed by President Joe Biden on 9 January 2022. This law has not yet been enacted. By activating the law on lend-lease in 2022, the United States could give Ukraine already prepared and conserved the front generation, like a great number. Mi Bachimo tsyu viyskomu tekhnіku on vіdkritikh satellite znіmkah.

Yak Your Active Highways Seredi Viborziv in Ukrainian Homeades of the United States, Massimo you have a new congreteen of Vynchi Tu Taskitati Vikoristi Vicorista Law on Lend-Liz 2022 Rock, Yakiy Most Vryatuvati Tisisyachi Zhittiv, Duration of Blinds, and Tom’s non-residence US stability. Therefore, it is important for life to initiate the terms of hearing in Congress about the end of the Lend-Lease Act of 2022 with a possible review and further promotion. will be on September 15, 2023 at 13:00 at the off hour on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House. We’ll be better off, so you can come to the yogo participant and turn back to your friends.

We are very likely that the introduction of the Lend-Lease Law will change the end of the war and pave the way to victory for freedom in Ukraine that world, vryatuvshie lives of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

We will be glad to help you!

Once again, we thank you for the supremacy of Zusilla, to help Ukraine».

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