The Ukrainian Army entered the city of Kherson after the withdrawal of Russian troops

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After the Russian troops raided, the local military entered the region's capital victoriously and were welcomed by the citizens

< i class="i-share-btn twitter"> After the Russian withdrawal, the soldiers regain control of the region

The army of Ukraine entered Kherson this Friday, a key city in the south of the country, after the withdrawal of Russian forces, said the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Kherson returns to Ukraine's control, units of the Ukrainian armed forces enter the city,” the ministry said on Facebook, calling on the Russian military remaining at the site to “surrender immediately” and he promised to “preserve the life and safety of those who do so.”

“Their bosses tell them to put on civilian clothes and try to run away on their own. It is obvious that they will not succeed,” the ministry added.

“Any Russian soldier who resists will be eliminated. You only have one chance to avoid death: surrender immediately”, he added.

After the Russian withdrawal, soldiers regain control of the region

A former adviser very close to Vladimir Putin  made harsh criticism of the way in which the Kremlin is developing its bloody -and failed- invasion of Ukraine and pointed out that the last humiliation registered in the city of Kherson -head of the province of the same name- is at the height of the collapse of the Soviet UnionSergei Markov, academician at the Moscow University and doctor in Political Sciences, also criticized the delay in the withdrawal from this key point in the conflict, which already accounts for 100,000 dead or wounded on each side.

After the Russian withdrawal, the soldiers once again took over the control of the region

The surrender of Kherson is Russia's biggest geopolitical defeat since the collapse of the USSR”, said Markov  and added: “The political consequences of this huge defeat will be really big”. In his Telegram channel, moreover, the nationalist and supporter of Putin  blamed the withdrawal on a “catastrophic delay in making the necessary decisions”.

Furthermore, he insisted on his concept and called for even greater mobilization: “Defeat and failure is the result of not bringing troops to Ukraine in 2014 and not fighting for the conscience of Ukraine for 8 years. The defeat in Kherson is the result of the lack of mobilization in the spring and summer. Now, the military mobilization of the economy and society must be introduced immediately; otherwise it will be very difficult in a few months”.

After the Russian withdrawal, the soldiers regained control of the region

The Kremlin did not want to talk about Kherson. This Friday, a statement by its spokesman cut dry the logical concern of a journalist who asked him about the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the north of the Ukrainian region annexed by Moscow last September.< /p>

“There was a decision by the Defense Minister, I recommend asking the Ministry of Defense“, said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, when asked by a journalist.

Interestingly, commenting on the current status of the Kherson region, Peskov assured that nothing has changed despite the withdrawal of the military to the left bank of the  Dnieper River.

After the Russian withdrawal, the soldiers regained control of the region

“It is an entity of the Russian Federation, that status is defined and fixed in the legislation, there can be no change here,” he asserted.

Asked whether the Kremlin does not regret the pomp with which the annexation of Kherson was celebrated, Peskov answered succinctly: “No ”.

He reiterated that “the special military operation” in Ukraine is ongoing and will continue until its objectives are achieved.

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